Urban Decay Naked palette 1 or 2 for fair skin, dark brown eyes, and dark black hair

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I need help...I don't know which one to choose. 


I'm not a expert at applying eyeshadows around my eyes or creating a smokey eye look...but I really wanna learn and I thought the naked palette will be a good start since I'm still a little shy trying out different colors...so I wanna start natural.


But which one to choose? I'm leaning more on the naked 2 palette because the eyeshadows seems lighter than the naked 1.  But will it look good on my pale skin with dark hair and eyes?


I'm very pale, with almost black eyes (they are just too dark brown), with black dark hair.  I like natural looking colors on my eyes. I'm not a fan of too much glitter or dark colors eyeshadows...


Can someone help me choose?



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as someone who is fair, I prefer the naked 2 palette. I felt like naked was just too warm.


Naked 2 also comes with a double ended brush and a lip gloss, which is great Smiley Happy


I'm going to be the odd one out and say that I prefer the original NAKED palette. I'm very fair, dark haired, blue eyed, cool-ish undertones, but perhaps more neutral (my skin almost looks blue-ish rather than pink or yellow-based) -- and I don't know why, but I just prefer the first palette, probably because I have favorite shades. As a whole palette, the first appeals to me more -- but I definitely like the second as well.

I think you can make either one work -- these are basically neutral shades. Yes, some are warm, some are cool, but I think either one will be flattering Smiley Happy


Great question missturquoise! I had a hard time deciding as well, but love the Naked2 Palette for dark brown eyes and black hair.  Since you mentioned you prefer natural shades, this palette will give you all of that as well as a liner to enhance your eyes.  I've tried both palettes and feel I got more out of  the Naked2 then the original.  The only difference between us is I have more of a tan complexion than fair.




I hope this helps you decide.





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I think you will like NAKED 2 better, I am fair skinned and I like it better than 1, I have both. If you are just learning, check out the tutorials on Sephora or YouTube, there are some great smokey eye looks. It's actually pretty easy and at first if you just stick to 3 colors, you pretty much can't go wrong. My favorite combo is Bootycall for a highlighter (put on browbone and in the V in your inner eye corner, it makes you look awake and rested. Then do the lid in Half Baked or Chopper, nice mid-color browns. Then for your crease and outer eye corner, choose Snakebite (dark mid-tone) or Busted (darker Matte color) or Blackout (for a really dark smokey eye). You can do a thin line of your darkest color under your eye, then line over it with a dark liner.  I save this step for evening looks only as it's pretty dramatic, but you can work your comfort level up, depends on what you are going for. 

The NAKED 2 doesn't have any true glittery shades, there are some shimmer and 3 mattes and Busted, which I consider a "half-matte" as it doesn't have much shimmer at all.

Have fun! 

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I was not personally fond of the original Naked palette. I found the colors to be quite frosty and warm, the naked 2 seems frosty also. I think frosty and metallic shadows are a matter of personal preference rather than a "wrong or right". Again, I can only attest to the original naked palette and I'm not sure how the finish of naked2 as I no longer use urban decay shadows. I find it to be an absolutely fantastic deal pricewise for either of the palettes but I personally get too overwhelmed by lots of choices. I have owned several Urban Decay palettes in my youth and I just seem to do better with duos, trios, and quads - again just a preference not a "right or wrong". However, since you mention just starting out consider whether a lot of options will make you feel excited and foster your creativity or whether it will overwhelm you.

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