Unzipped Palette

You all, I have just stumbled upon this GOREOUS palette by LORAC as I was touring the Sephora website (again) and I am simply FLOORED by how utterly gorgeous this palette looks! LORAC shadows are always silky, have great color payoff, blend easy, and are just NICE!! I am always amazed by the amazing value their palettes and value sets have, and this amazes me as well.

I get paid tomorrow ... I was trying to minimize the shopping in January, but I think I need this palette in my life sooner rather than later - even though I already own several neutral eyeshadows Smiley Happy LOVE THIS!

Happy Thursday everyone!

<3 SSmittys


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I've not tried any of LORAC's products, but the colors in the palette are beautiful!  I like how they kept up with the theme when they named the colors.

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