UD Naked Palette!!!!!! Finally whheeew lol
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OK SO FINALLLLLYYYY I THINK I GOT MY HANDS ON THE UD NAKED PALETTE!! I read a post saying Ulta might get a few in and gave them a call...They have 2 palettes in and said they will hold one for me to pick up first thing in the morning Smiley Happy I cant wait! So all you ladies who have been wanting this palette I suggest calling an Ulta if you live near one! I will update this post once I actually have it in hand......(I will be driving 2 hours to go pick it up lol wish I coulda got it at sephora, but I just cant wait any longer)

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Yay, I'm glad it worked out!

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YES!!!!!! And thanks to you sooooooooooo so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited I actually have the naked palette now and loving everything about it! I also got a few other things that I really love as well.....but because the naked palette is so nice and such a GREAT value, plus I have been feening to get my hands on one (Pathetic lol but im ok with that hehe) as lovely as the other items I got today are nothing could top the feeling I got just holding that palette in my hands.
I am going create a new post about my day and the palette Smiley Happy
But thanks again for your original post that led me to my new palette and a day of fun shopping for makeup! woohoo
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