UD Eye Primer Potion vs. Too Faced Shadow Insurance
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So I am ordering some things from Sephora.  But I am having such a hard time deciding between two eye primers.  One is the Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion and the other is the Too Faced Shadow Insurance (both in just regular).  I already have tried a sample of the UD Primer Potion but have never tried the Too Faced one.  I don’t have any issues with the UD one and I know they are the same price regardless. 


I have read great reviews on both eye primers and I’m just wondering which one could possibly be better than the other.  Or do they both work the same?  I need some help on choosing which one…I originally went with Too Faced but then I thought there is the UD one too that I have as a sample and then I just go so confused…lol


I know it sounds lame, but I want to invest money in something that is worth it and will make my eyeshadows look good and last long without creasing…


Also, does one work for oily lids or dry lids? Or vice versa?

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I have tried both (as well as UDPP in Eden) and Too Faced wins for me. I think my lids are pretty normal, not especially oily or dry, and I just find that Too Faced has better staying power overall. UD is a great product, but Too Faced is the best primer out there.

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