UD 24/7 Eye Pencils

I really want to buy one now after hearing a YouTube makeup guru rave about them, but I don't know if everyone else likes them. Smiley Tongue


Also, I'm looking for a nude/white shade on my waterline...nude is preferred though.

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Most of my eyeliners, except for a few, are UD 24/7 liners.  They are very long lasting, but I've not tried them on my waterline.  I love how they offer a wide variety of colors ranging from neutrals that can go with anything to bright, funky shades!




I love these pencils for all around the eyes, but I agree that they do smudge on the waterline. If you are using it for the waterline I would use the Tarte or Stila one. Both are gorgeous and will stay in place.


Tarte EmphasEyes Inner RIm

Tarte - EmphasEYES™ Inner Rim Brightenerhttp://www.sephora.com/product/productDetail.jsp?skuId=1306729&productId=P278605&keyword=tarte%20inn...


Stila Kajal Eye Liner

Stila - Kajal Eye Linerhttp://www.sephora.com/product/productDetail.jsp?skuId=864934&productId=P114407&keyword=stila%20kaja...

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They are really fabulous -- if you buy one, I recommend either keeping it very sharp or making sure it stays cool, because the product glides on really easily (almost too easily if it's too soft). It seems as if it wouldn't have staying power, but it DOES -- just be sure to let it dry for a minute, and it says on all day. I love Zero (I think I prefer it to the matte black Perversion)...and Whiskey, which I wish were full sized (as far as I know, it has only ever existed in travel size).


For your waterline, nude is definitely preferable as long as it matches your skin; if it is consistent, that's what helps your eye to appear larger. I would try NARS Larger Than Life liner in Rue Bonaparte (which is a pale nude)...or Tarte EmphasEYES Inner Rim Brightener. MAC (Pro) also makes a good one, but it was a bit too dark for me and I actually found Pale Yellow to be a better match.


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They are really good pencils...go try out some colors, at least swatch them in the store. It makes a difference.
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Hi Glossjunkiee,

The Urban Decay Liners were not however, they did not work well with my eyes. I tried setting it with an eyeshadow and that gave it a bit more staying power. Another option for a pretty nude liner is Givenchy 2 Delicate Nude - tawny nude.


Givenchy - Magic Kajal Eye Pencil


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Right now my favorite UD liner is Ransom.. such a pretty color, but subtle, just makes eyes pop.

And for the waterline color either:

Tarte Inner Rim Brightener


Nars Larger Than Life Eyeliner in Rue Bonaparte

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I second the notion for Stila's kajal in the nude shade! They have a cool toned white as well, but the nude is more natural for the waterline.


I'm a big fan of UD's pencils, and have them in just about every color, I love smudging them on my lid and blending out with my finger to make them cream shadows as well! It's such a time saver!


I've worn their black (ZERO) on my waterline and it's not bad as far as longevity/wearability goes, but for some reason I feel the Stila one wears a lot better there, the pigment payoff seems a bit more intense and the formula is a bit thicker/creamier (not bulky though) so maybe that's why it lasts longer. But for my every day go-to pencil, it's UD! Bourbon and Zero are my staples. I've found Perversion (blackest black) takes a bit longer to set and can run the risk of smudging through the day.

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These pencils are okay, they smudged on me though, so I wouldn't recommend them for the waterline.  I'd use the MUFE Aqua Eyes eyeliners instead-they seem to work better for me at least.  For the nude/white shade, I second the recommendation for the Tarte inner rims brightening pencil.

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