Trying for the Smoky Eye

Since I didn't have to be anywhere today, I figured I would give a dark smoky eye a try.  I normally use purples or browns, but I decided to go for the grays/blacks.  The colors are in the palettes, so I might as well put them to some use.  I just worry about looking like a KISS groupie lol.  Here are the results from this morning.  Any advice for the look?  I also included a stupid mirror picture since an outfit can have an effect on makeup and vis versa.  Purple shirt = no purple smoky eye lol.



eyes closed.JPG









And the products used.  I used Gunmetal on the lid, Creep lightly above it and into outer V, and Blackout as a liner.  I also used Virgin as a highlight, but I didn't take a picture of it. 

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Super cute Kimmi!!!

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