Trying for the Smoky Eye

Since I didn't have to be anywhere today, I figured I would give a dark smoky eye a try.  I normally use purples or browns, but I decided to go for the grays/blacks.  The colors are in the palettes, so I might as well put them to some use.  I just worry about looking like a KISS groupie lol.  Here are the results from this morning.  Any advice for the look?  I also included a stupid mirror picture since an outfit can have an effect on makeup and vis versa.  Purple shirt = no purple smoky eye lol.



eyes closed.JPG









And the products used.  I used Gunmetal on the lid, Creep lightly above it and into outer V, and Blackout as a liner.  I also used Virgin as a highlight, but I didn't take a picture of it. 

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Looks good kimmi! I know what you mean about looking like a KISS groupie (or an extreme raiders fan if you live in the bay area). When in doubt I'll just either make black or silver the primary color with one of my looks, making the secondary color either in the outer corner or highlight. Although I must confess sometimes I like rocking the gunmetal and black look equally haha.

Whimsically yours,
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