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Tips on putting liquid eye liner
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I bought the waterproof liquid eyeliner and I don't know how to use it.  When I first draw the line, it comes out too thick and wet.  Any tips?

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I always start at the outside corner of my eye first.  First I pull my skin taut (so it's easier to line the curve of my lash-line).  Then l use the side of the brush (not the tip) and slowly drag at an angle to line my lash-line.  I do this is multiple strokes, and do a finishing stroke over the mini-strokes.  It is SUPER easy to fix any mistakes with a Q-tip.  If the application of the line is too thick, quickly wet a Q-tip with water and rub it over the top of the line (just enough so your barely thinning it out).  I hope this helps!

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