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Tips for Curling Straight Lashes?

I'm Korean-American and have a hard time getting my lashes to curl. When they aren't curled, they tend to just stick out straight and sometimes are stubborn to curl.


I've been using a Japonesque Travel Eye Curler which has the similar technology as the Laura Mercier one that resembles a sort of guillotine. (You place the curler to your eye, let your lashes fall in between the moving part of the curler and the base and slowly clamp down to curl.) I might need a new curler (it was my mom's) which could be why my lashes aren't as curled as I'd like them to be.


Any advice for making lashes look more curled? 

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Hello LuckyRabbit! I have several Favorite EyeLash Curlers.. *Shu Uemura EyeLash Curler *UrbanDecay Revolution High-Performance EyeLash Curler *DiorShow Heat Curl Heating Lash Curler. I use Dior then She Uemura then Dior again. Favorite Mascaras are *Buxom Lash Mascara *UrbanDecay SuperCurl Curling Mascara and *Maybelline Great Lash Mascara Curved Brush, regular in Pink&Green Tube. GoodLuck! Have a Great Day! AngieB.
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