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Tips for Curling Straight Lashes?

I'm Korean-American and have a hard time getting my lashes to curl. When they aren't curled, they tend to just stick out straight and sometimes are stubborn to curl.


I've been using a Japonesque Travel Eye Curler which has the similar technology as the Laura Mercier one that resembles a sort of guillotine. (You place the curler to your eye, let your lashes fall in between the moving part of the curler and the base and slowly clamp down to curl.) I might need a new curler (it was my mom's) which could be why my lashes aren't as curled as I'd like them to be.


Any advice for making lashes look more curled? 

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The best eyelash curler I have ever used is Shu Uemura eyelash curler! It's amazing. Unfortunately you can't get it at Sephora, but you can order it from shu uemura's website or Nordstrom sells them!



Another idea if you are having a really hard time getting them to curl is maybe to try out thr Dior Heat Curl Lash Curler.  I hope this helps!


DiorShow Heat Curl Heating Lash Curler

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Hi Luckyrabbit,


It looks like you have a lot of great recommendations! I also have straight lashes myself and have found that using a curved brush works really well to keep lashes curled. Use a lash curler before and after mascara and gently press on the base middle and ends of the lashes for a more curled look. I suggest these helpful curling mascaras.


Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara

High Impact Curling Mascara


Urban Decay Supercurl Curling Mascara


Supercurl Curling Mascara

Sephora Collection Lash Stretcher Mascara


Lash Stretcher

<3 Melissa
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i am asian and have straight lashes as well. i've always used the sephora heated eyelash curler. 

i recently bought the half lash curler from mac and it has worked really well for me too (normal curlers never fit the shape of my eye and scare me) 

also from what i've read online, the shiseido curler is very similar in shape to the shu uemera. 

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I never found a difference between eyelash curlers, but thats my opinion. Try applying heat to your curler right before using it using a blow dryer. I find I get a better curl that way. 

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If your looking for an eyelash curler then the best are ones made by Asian companies.  I have had the same problem my eyelashes stick straight out!  The shiseido eyelash curler has worked well for me though a lot of people swear by the shu

uemura.  Also you should curl your eyelashes in multiple places starting at the base and working your way up so you don't just have one bend but your creating a curl.  The right mascara to hold the curl all day helps a lot.  

Eyelash Curler

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Hello LuckyRabbit! I have several Favorite EyeLash Curlers.. *Shu Uemura EyeLash Curler *UrbanDecay Revolution High-Performance EyeLash Curler *DiorShow Heat Curl Heating Lash Curler. I use Dior then She Uemura then Dior again. Favorite Mascaras are *Buxom Lash Mascara *UrbanDecay SuperCurl Curling Mascara and *Maybelline Great Lash Mascara Curved Brush, regular in Pink&Green Tube. GoodLuck! Have a Great Day! AngieB.
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The Shu Uemura is the best I've ever used. 

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The best eyelash curler I've used has already been mentioned - the Shu Uemura eyelash curler. I also have a Shiseido and Japonesque curler but neither of them work as well as the Shu for curling.


Some other tips are pumping at the base of the lashes and continue pumping as you move out towards the end of the lashes vs. simply pumping at the base alone. Just make sure if you do decide on a shu lash curler you purchase from a reputable place as E-bay is flooded with fakes. My sister bought one and complained to me "I thought you said shu uemura eyelash curlers were good! This hardly works!" come to find out she purchased it online and it was a fake.


Use Mascaras with light formulations because heavy will wilt the curl.

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