Tarte Jewelry Box vs. Urban Decay Naked

I cant choose between the Tarte Jewwelry Box or Urban Decay Naked pallete. I want a natural look. kind of like no makeup look. Help?

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If you wand a true no makeup look, I would go with the Naked palette. If you want to be able to do a no makeup look and have the option of doing more, then go with the Tarte palette. The Tarte also has a more complete palette since it has lips ad cheeks included and the UD palette is just eyes.

If you aren't concerned about color at all and just want  eyes, for a palette that is available with no waiting, I would actually suggest the Natural Eye Neutral  eye by Too Faced.

You can find it here:


For a bolder naked eye, try the Naked Eye Soft and Sexy by Too Faced:

Hope that helps!

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The Tarte Jewelry Box is awesome because it gives you such a wide variety of colors to choose from.  You can get a "no makeup" makeup look with it or get a "night on the town" look from it, too.  It is very versatile and gives you so much makeup whereas the Naked Palette only has neutral-colored eyeshadows.  So I would definitely go with the Tarte Jewelry Box.

By the way, there is a good video tutorial on Beauty Talk's Home Page on how to do a "no makeup" makeup look that you should take a look at.

I hope this helps you. :smileyhappy:

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I don't have personal experience with the Tarte palette, but I do have the Naked palette, and I love it! Most of the shades do have some shimmer though, which sounds like that might be a concern for you. However, I've found that the pigments are very dense, which is good for controlling the level of product you apply. If you use an soft eyeshadow brush (as opposed to one with tightly packed bristles), you should be able to apply a light layer of product for a natural look. It's definitely my favorite eye palette I've ever purchased!

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I have both and I'm in Love with both. The Tarte Treasure chest contains everything to create a full face: eyeshadows, luminizer, bronzer, lipgloss, eyeliners. It's a GREAT price for the number of products. In terms of quality, I like the shimmery shadows better than the matte ones, they seem to apply better. To aide your application, I'd suggest that you wet your brush and then pat it into the shadows, the colors will look more vibrant than applying them dry. Plus, it helps to use a eye primer first. The bronzer is best for complexions lighter than olive. The liners apply nicely, but lack staying power. It helps to set them with a similar shade of shadow.


I have absolutely NO complaints about the Naked Palette, its well worth the hype. You're only paying $44 for 12 FULL sized shadows and a two-sided liner. Urban Decay's shadows are amazing! They're super pigmented and apply so easily. They show up on me and last even when I don't use an eye primer. I've owned this palette since August and I use it at least 3 times a week and it still looks barely used. Many of the shadows are shimmery, but its not glittery and I don't experience any fallout or at least not enough to bother me and ruin the rest of my makeup. It's a great palette for the workday or for all women who are afraid of bolder colors or even for a makeup beginner. The liners apply great, they just glide on. Zero is in practically every UD palette, it's super dark and it doesn't smear on the water line. Whisky is a gorgeous warm brown. I wish they sold it in full size. UD 24/7 liners are the best eyeliners you can buy. They last all day long and are waterproof.


I love both palettes, but if I really had to choose, I'd buy the Naked Palette.

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I own both palettes and I can honestly say that the Naked palette is one of the BEST palettes I have ever come across to achieve a natural look!  The jewlery box by Tarte is wonderful as well, but for many different reasons. 1. It not only offers you 32 eyeshadows but it also offers their famous bronzer, highlighter, moisturizing lipshades, and 5 different eyeliners.2. The Tarte box is great b/c as well as shimmer eyeshadows, they offer matte eyeshadows as well! this is a total WIN because so many companies neglect matte shadows, and are a pain to come by sometimes (why does everything have to be infused with shimmer? i dont get it!),3 I use my Tarte box constantly because it has everything I need in one convenient location, it is great for on the go looks and also comes with a lovely necklace. Also I believe the Tarte jewlery box is only for the holiday season? We are only carrying a few at my Sephora location and once they sell out, we will not be carrying it anymore, def. check out Tartes website and to make sure they will still be distributing it! Hope this helps, but I say be greedy and get both :smileyhappy:

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