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Does anyone use smash box eye shadows?? Do you like them and do they have a decent amount of pigment?? I've always used MAC or Bare Escentuals but, Im contemplating buying a smashbox eye shadow palette. Suggestions??

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I haven't used the palette specifically, but I do like the trios! Headshot (ivory / pink / brown is my absolute favorite, and I also like Panorama and The color payoff is good, and they last a long time. The Eye Wish palette has a lot of pretty colors -- and it would be a great value!


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I have one Smashbox palette, and I like it, but not in love with it. I have the Instant Eyes Shadow and Liner Set. It isn't a bad product, but it lacks pigment. You have to play around with it to get any color to show up. But I do like the liner and the container it comes in. Plus it is only $15. If you want a more natural look, I would say try this one. And if used with a primer, the shadow lasts a while.

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I wear BE and love it.  The eye colors are so much fun. 

At my Halloween Party my best friend had on two of the most amazing looking eye shadows.  When I asked her (she as well is a huge BE fan) which colors they were she said they were Smashbox.  They looked amazing!  She has blonde hair and very fair skin- the colors just popped! 

I asked her if she did anything special with application (like an eye primer, wetting the brush, double coat) and she said that she just used a concealer-like brush and swept across her lid once! 

I would recommend getting a kit to test it out yourself- judging from my friend's make-up it would totally be worth the purchase! 

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