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Skinnier Mascara Wands Please???

I need some recommendations for a mascara with a wand that's NOT big - it HAS to be skinny!  My mother has tiny eyelashes and the bigger wands don't grab her lashes at all.  She needs a thinner wand that will grab her lashes and coat them well.  Volumizing/Lengthing/Defining,blah blah blah...that doesn't matter, it's the WAND that matters haha!  A REASONABLE price would be great too Smiley Wink  Any recommendations please????

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I know you picked a top answer already but for future reference I have to point out a long-time favorite mascara of mine.


bareMinerals® Flawless Definition Mascara Smiley Happy


The brush is super thin and long with tiny bristle. It grabs every lash and adds volume and length without overdoing it for a very natural look. Also, the brush tapers at the end to help grab the tiny inner lashes. Hope I helped!!!! Smiley Very Happy

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