Simple Purple

Today, I used my Urban Decay Anniversary palette and Urban Ammo palette for a simple purple look.  I'm not sure if some of the shades show up well in the picture.  My smartphone camera has dumb days at times lol. 


purple open.jpg


purple closed.jpg


  • As always, I started off with UDPP. 
  • I used my Sephora eyeshadow brush to apply Tainted from the Anniversary palette over my eyelid.
  • Next, I took Grifter from the Urban Ammo palette on the inner corners of my eyelids.  I used the same eyeshadow brush from before and blended as needed.  To me, Grifter is a darker version of Tainted with more sparkle.
  • Since I'm not so fond of my Ecotools crease brush (too big for my crease), I used the Ecotools smudge brush to apply Omen from the 15th Anniversary palette.  I started in the middle of the crease and lightly worked my way out to attempt an inner V.  I did this very lightly because I have never worn the outer V look before.  I recently watched a simple YouTube tutorial on how to do it, and now I just need to practice it.  Lightly, of course lol. 
  • I blended as needed and used my highlight brush to apply Sin from the Urban Ammo palette to use as a highlight. 
  • Then, I lined my upper lashline with Avon Glimmersticks Diamonds eyeliner in Sugar Plum.  It didn't show up too well because it is about to the end of its lifespan lol.
  • I touched up Tainted and finally topped it all off with Urban Decay Big Fatty mascara.


Like I said, I did this lightly since I'm new to the outer V look.  I've been wearing makeup since I was 13, and I had no idea what that look was until I discovered this forum lol.  BT is educational Smiley Happy

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This is so pretty! I love how wearable it is--I mean, as an eigth grader purple shadow can be a bit...overpowering, but I feel as though I could actually pull this off on a day-to-day basis. I'll definetly have to try this! Thanks for posting!


-Haylolo Smiley Happy

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