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My eyes are always dry and red, and I use Visine Original every morning but I have to use a lot and I would say the result is just average. I heard about Rohto Eyedrops, which are only sold at Walgreens and are originally from Japan. They are supposed to give your eyes a cooling refreshing sensation while hydrating. Has anyone used these? I want to buy one but I don't know if they are bad for you or not. Does anyone know?

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Oh good Lord. Rohto eyedrops are like breathmints for your eyes. For me, the cooling is that intense (I used them after I smoked one time last summer and I thought I was going blind lol). Because of the real intense cooling feel I use them infrequently, only when my eyes need a good zap of white. I call them Lady Gaga eye drops because they got real popular for being needed to achieve that "googly eye" makeup effect from the Bad Romance video.

Rohto drops will definitely make your eyes white, but don't be surprised if you tear up like crazy first, because I definitely do. I wouldn't say my eyes are too sensitive, I don't get seasonal allergies or anything, but some people really love the cooling feeling and I wouldn't describe myself as necessarily one of them. I get massive tear/redness production before the white white color comes out. I believe I have them in "Arctic" (there's different .. "flavors," shall we say, which have varying levels of cooling) which is not even the most cooling type. I have to be very careful if I've already put on eye makeup for fear of wrecking it. Like if I put liner on my waterline my eyes tend to get a little red and if it's really bothering me I'll get out the Rohtos. 

I haven't heard anything about them being bad for you. I know it's not any more harmful to smoke menthols compared with regular cigarettes so I wouldn't think cooling eye drops would cause you problems where Visine doesn't. Indeed, Rohto are nice because of the clear bottle - if your eye drops become contaminated and get cloudy you definitely mustn't use them, so it's really easy to check and make sure they're still good. So in that way they may actually protect your eye health. I would definitely describe them as moisturizing, but the "refreshing" feel is a bit more subjective - like I said, you might not be into the eyeball breathmints lol.


I'll add that I don't wear contacts (20/20 vision what what) so I don't know if they're safe to use with your contacts in.

For eye drops they are on the pricey side - expect them to be the most expensive OTC eye drop you can get. I think mine were $7 or $8. They last a long time though. I'd say give em a shot!


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