Red and Black Dress MAkeup
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What eye makeup should I wear with a short red dress with a black flower pattern on it?

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Since you have two very strong colors in your dress already it's best you go either really simple with a wash of shimmery nude eyeshadow, a cat eye and a red or nude lip OR

Add one more touch of drama with a smokey eye and nude lips.

Here are some looks you might like: (and close examples to what I'm talking about)


I hope this helps!

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Hmm, to me, depending how sexy it is, I would want to make my eyes VAMP (:


I would have a sultry, smoky, look-at-me eye with a white shimmer in the inner eye working out to a deep charcoal in the outer & creases. But I wouldn't make it matte, add some shimmer so it's not looking dull. Plus, this kind of eye makeup goes with anything. You don't even need liner, black shadow is enough!


Think about it, you wouldn't use any browns, blues, or purple eye looks right? I would do this or a dark grey.


Hope this helped!




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It all depends on how dramatic you want your look to be. Since you are wearing a dress with such strong colors, I would go with more brown/neutral colors. You could go lighter or darker with your eye makeup to vamp it up or to make it more natural. If you  go darker with your eyes, do a lighter lip color. But if you go lighter with your eyes, put a bit more color on your lips. I wouldn't do a red lip or something too bright, though, because the dress is already very bright. Good luck!

Here are some tutorials that might help:

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