I'm going to prom and I want to find a palette or use one of my own palette's (Naked 1& 2, Naked basics, UB Oz Glinda palette) to make a great look for blue eyes. My dress is a royal blue and is embellished with rinestones all over. I'm keeping my lips simple and makeup but I want my eyes to POP, and everyone to be like wow her eyes. So, if you could suggest a palette or ideas on what I should do for my eyes it would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

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With such a bold dress color I think you a spot on with the idea of doing a softer face/lip and a dramatic eye. You've got some great palettes to work with, and could probably come up with multiple looks from each. I think the golds and bronze tones in Naked 1 would play up your blue eyes (and blue dress) beautifully. I would maybe go for a sultry, smokey eye using a black liner and maybe Darkhorse/Half baked to shade and one of the lighter colors as a highlight? I have that palette myself, so maybe I should experiment and take a picture :-) I've got dark brown eyes and a slightly tan complexion, but you'd at least be able to get the general gist!

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