I'm going to prom and I want to find a palette or use one of my own palette's (Naked 1& 2, Naked basics, UB Oz Glinda palette) to make a great look for blue eyes. My dress is a royal blue and is embellished with rinestones all over. I'm keeping my lips simple and makeup but I want my eyes to POP, and everyone to be like wow her eyes. So, if you could suggest a palette or ideas on what I should do for my eyes it would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

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I also have blue eyes. I'm still searching for some great palettes that will make my eyes pop. But I did already find a wonderful palette. The Naked Basics. They are great and very useful and very helpful. The great thing about the Naked Basics is that they are neutrals but you can always layer shadows and make a different look. You could even add a color that you love. I think for the Naked Basics palette you should watch the video they have for the Naked Basics palette when you click on it they have great tutorials on it. I tried them and they work fabulous!! Hope that helps!! Have fun!!

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