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Ok this might be a lot of questions but I'm so confused and it would be great if someone could give me an answer on these questions. Ok so I'm basically looking for a pressed powder that I can use to set my makeup with. I was looking online and there were some that are pigmented (like with skin color) and others that are just translucent. Some are called pressed powders and others are called finishing powders. Typically the pressed powders are the ones with pigment and color and the finishing powders are either white or translucent. So here is my question, is there a difference between pressed powders and finishing powders or can they both be used to set my makeup? Also if I use a pressed powder that has color do I use it before or after I use blush and eyeshadow. I was thinking that if I bought a pressed powder that has color if I used it to set my makeup wouldn't the color in the pressed powder just mess up all of the blush and eyeshadow I just put on my face? Could someone please recoment to me a pressed powder either with pigment or translucent that I could use everyday to set my makeup and please clarify to me if there is a difference between the usage of a pressed powder and finishing powder. Sorry if this is a lot of questions I just really need some serious calification.



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I personally use powder/ pressed foundation to set my makeup or use it solely. ex: LM powder fdn has enough pigment and coverage to use on its own , just change up the brush if you want a fuller cvg. Yesterday i applied it alone and used a flat top powder brush to push the product in and then a big fluffy brush to blend it out. 


You can use either a pressed or finishing powder to set your makeup, it just depends on what you are looking to achieve. Some prefer loose powders because they don't add any additional color. Some finishing powders are labeled as is and have a little bit of color that are more sheer. 



Typically if the powder has color you will set your makeup first (fdn, bb etc) and then apply your bronzer , blush. If your powder is translucent you can use it either way really since it will be colorless. Some people will apply it last and just in the tzone, others will apply after their fdn and then add blush and bronzer as usual

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Hi, loveeyeliner.  I'll try to help explain the differences in the powders and in the ways to apply them.

First of all, you can use either a pressed powder or a loose powder to set your foundation.  However, when setting foundation I find that what works best for me is to use a translucent, loose setting powder which I apply immediately following my foundation application (before blush, eye makeup, etc.) to not only set my foundation so that it lasts longer, but to also give it a nice air-brushed finish.  When using a setting powder (whether pressed or loose) you should use a large, fluffy powder brush so the powder doesn't look cakey, but nice and light.  Here's an example of a good brush to use with setting powder:
Professionnel Platinum Powder Brush #50
Most foundation setting powders are translucent.  However, there are a few companies that still make tinted setting powders, such as Clinique Blended Face Powder which you can find here:

When you get into the highly pigmented powders (or powders with lots of color to them), you are looking at powders that are meant to be used in the place of liquid foundation and they are actually powder foundations.  When you use a powder foundation over a liquid foundation, you may end up with a cakey, heavy look so I would steer clear of trying to set your foundation with those type of powders and stick to the powders that actually say they are "setting" powders.

A fantastic foundation setting powder that I love to use is Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder.  It's a universal translucent finishing powder to be applied over foundation or worn alone to give your skin a nice natural, matte finish.  It sets your foundation and slightly mattifies your skin without changing your skin’s natural contours.  This 100% mineral silica powder softens the appearance of imperfections, too.  It completely evens out your complexion for a glowing, radiant look and one universal shade works for all skin tones since it is completely translucent.  Its talc-free formula does not dry your skin and it's formulated with 100% silica.  It has been dermatologist-tested and you can find it here:


I hope I've covered all of your questions.
Hope this helps!
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Hope I can help you a little here!


Question 1: Is there a difference between pressed powders and finishing powders or can they both be used to set my makeup? 


Answer: They can both be used to set makeup, however I've found that loose powder has better coverage and is better at reducing shine. Pressed tends to be sheerer and lighter coverage, but the pigmented ones can help cover blemishes and even out skin tone even further.


Question 2: If I use a pressed powder that has color do I use it before or after I use blush and eyeshadow. I was thinking that if I bought a pressed powder that has color if I used it to set my makeup wouldn't the color in the pressed powder just mess up all of the blush and eyeshadow I just put on my face? 


Answer: Usually I apply powder as a final step, but if you want you can do eye makeup first. Actually, if you want you can do eyeshadow whenever and just not apply powder around the eyelid/ eye area. As far as blush, you would probably apply the powder lightly so it is sheer and lets some blush show through. Or, you can just apply powder where you have shine/blemishes, which is usually around the T-zone. Then, you won't even touch your other makeup! (If the powder is so pigmented it looks weird to apply like that, try applying very lightly and blending out.)


Question 3: Could someone please recommend to me a pressed powder, either with pigment or translucent, that I could use everyday to set my makeup?


Answer: If you have uneven skintone or a lot of redness, I like ELF's Complexion Perfection Tone Correcting Powder for $3. It has four colors- pink, blue, yellow and green. It goes on and blends sheer, but the colors serve a purpose. Green helps with redness, blue neutralizes orange hues, pink helps with grey hues and yellow brightens and also brings down redness. You can use your own combination of the colors or just swirl your brush around and get some of all the powders. Due to BT rules, I can't post non-Sephora links, but you can just google "Eyes lips face tone correcting powder," and it will be the first link (under the Amazon results.) (Pictured is ELF's Complexion Perfection Powder.)

If you just want a powder to set your makeup, I like CoverGirl's Professional Loose Powder and Airspun Face Powder.

Another consideration is actual white powder, such as MUFE's HD Powder. It's supposed to light up your face and make you look better in photos. ELF has a cheaper version of this powder for six dollars. (Pictured is MUFE's HD Microfinish Powder.)


Since it sounds like you are just starting out, I would recommend trying some of Cover Girl's pressed and loose powders before you move on to higher end brands at Sephora so you are acquainted with the different types of powder. Cover Girl makes some pretty good quality pressed and loose powders in many shades for a reasonable price, and they are available in many places. (Pictured is CG's pressed powder.)


One note: Always tap the excess powder off of your puff or brush, and blend very well into the skin. Otherwise you will get cakeyness and a weird looking face Smiley Very Happy


I hope I helped you out a little Smiley Very Happy Good luck finding a great powder! Feel free to PM me with any more questions you have.

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