Pressed Powder/Finishing Powder?

Ok this might be a lot of questions but I'm so confused and it would be great if someone could give me an answer on these questions. Ok so I'm basically looking for a pressed powder that I can use to set my makeup with. I was looking online and there were some that are pigmented (like with skin color) and others that are just translucent. Some are called pressed powders and others are called finishing powders. Typically the pressed powders are the ones with pigment and color and the finishing powders are either white or translucent. So here is my question, is there a difference between pressed powders and finishing powders or can they both be used to set my makeup? Also if I use a pressed powder that has color do I use it before or after I use blush and eyeshadow. I was thinking that if I bought a pressed powder that has color if I used it to set my makeup wouldn't the color in the pressed powder just mess up all of the blush and eyeshadow I just put on my face? Could someone please recoment to me a pressed powder either with pigment or translucent that I could use everyday to set my makeup and please clarify to me if there is a difference between the usage of a pressed powder and finishing powder. Sorry if this is a lot of questions I just really need some serious calification.



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I personally use powder/ pressed foundation to set my makeup or use it solely. ex: LM powder fdn has enough pigment and coverage to use on its own , just change up the brush if you want a fuller cvg. Yesterday i applied it alone and used a flat top powder brush to push the product in and then a big fluffy brush to blend it out. 


You can use either a pressed or finishing powder to set your makeup, it just depends on what you are looking to achieve. Some prefer loose powders because they don't add any additional color. Some finishing powders are labeled as is and have a little bit of color that are more sheer. 



Typically if the powder has color you will set your makeup first (fdn, bb etc) and then apply your bronzer , blush. If your powder is translucent you can use it either way really since it will be colorless. Some people will apply it last and just in the tzone, others will apply after their fdn and then add blush and bronzer as usual

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