Playing with makeup while bored...

I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this, but tonight I'm kind of bored, yet too lazy to go out, so I am playing with my make up!! Smiley Happy The Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay is amazing (we already knew this) so I decided to play around with it and share some of the looks with you all - the people who always appreciate good makeup! Hope you all enjoy! Smiley Very Happy
PS: Please ignore my brows, I'm getting them waxed tomorrow ...


IMG02158-20120107-0106.jpgProducts Used (NOTE: lashes always primed with Mister Lash Booster by Givenchy!)



YDK (lid), Blackout (crease), Busted (crease and outer lowerlashes), Chopper (high crease), Verve (highlight, tearduct)

Waterline filled with MUFE eyeliner. Creamliner used on the lid.


Suspect (lid), Snakebite (crease, all the way), Tease ("v" outercorners), Foxy (browbone), Booty Call (arch of brow, tearduct)

Tightline with MUFE Eyeliner


Half Baked (lid, lowerlash line), Snakebite ("v" crease), Blackout (within "v" crease), mix Chopper and Booty Call for highlight. Tightline with MUFE Eyeliner

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super cute!! LOVES IT!!


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