What is the best lengthening (black) mascara for "doll lashes" that




-  does *not * contain alcohol or parabens,




-  does ** NOT **  flake or  SMUDGE* ???

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Hey luna22,


Like Diana, I would HIGHLY reccommend Josie Maran's Give One Get One (GOGO)

I just bought it and it is wonderful - plus it also covers all the categories you stated above.


For day-time, I use Korres mascara because it is not overly dramatic unless you layer it.


Josie Maran is the way to go - plus it has Argan oil in it which is fabulous in every product! It will help your lashes stay healthy!

Also, if you buy the GOGO by Josie Maran, a bottle is also given to a woman undergoing treatment for cancer. It is a great way to look beautiful and help someone else!

Good luck!!


Hi Luna22, 


I would suggest that you try mascaras made by the Bare Escentuals line. Many of these are more natural-based and tend to not contain any parabens and preservatives. 



As far as flaking and smudging, it honestly depends on your eyes and how the mascara takes to your lashes. I have countless stories of one person hating a mascara for its smudginess and flaking, while its the perfect non-flake and non-smudge formula for someone else. Many time the trial and error are the real solvents to what you are searching for. Sometimes waterproof mascaras are a lot less flaky and smudging and will stay on better so try any of these. You may also be interested in Tarte, Josie Maran or Korres mascaras which are all full of great natural ingredients. 



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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