Need Eye Makeup Color Ideas
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I am fair, blonde hair and have blue eyes. I like a natural look for every day but more dramatic for a night out. What are the best eye makeup colors for my complexion and eye color? I am 37 but do look young for my age so if I can pull if off, I will try daring Smiley Happy

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It sounds like you look very similar to one of my professors! Women like you can wear shimmery neutral-color shadows like nobody's business. I think Smashbox has put together a great blue-eye palette. Even if you don't get this particular one, the cream, peach, taupe, beige, and browns can give you some color inspiration! I also agree that gold shadow would look great, too.


Smashbox Photo Op Eye Enhancing Palette - Blue Eyes



















If you do want something a little more daring or colorful, I'm convinced that everyone can wear eggplant/purple eyeshadow. And it's hard to go wrong with Urban Decay shadows.


Urban Decay Eyeshadow - Rockstar


Good luck!

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Red lips are beautiful on fair blondes!!!!

and for eyes, any golds are beautiful on blue eyes Smiley Wink

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