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So I've heard SO much about UD Naked and Naked2 palettes and I was just wondering.. are they worth the money? I'm debating buying both of them. LexiKaye<3
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Good planning, just buy both!  I have both, I got NAKED 1 back in January and NAKED 2 the first week of December and I can't imagine living without them!  You can make great looks using shades from each one and they are so compact for travel. Plus if you get #1 you get the shadow primer and #2 comes with a great 2 ended brush (the lipgloss is ok, but it doesn't really show up, so I just put it over lipstick for extra shine). 

Next to my Clarisonic, I rate these as the best beauty investment I've made. I use the palettes every time I put on shadow and plan to get another NAKED 2 when I get some birthday money so I have one to travel with and one for home.


They are SO worth the money!! Whether you're a beauty junkie, a make up collector, or somone who just needs "the basics" both of these palettes are essential!! They're great, and if you only wear neutral colors, it's all you will ever need for the eyes Smiley Happy


Pretty much any Urban Decay product is worth the money if you like the colors and whatnot.  I recently bought the first Naked palette, and I love it!  I wish I had bought it so much sooner.  After you purchase your first UD palette, you'll be back for more.


I bought Naked 1 with hesitation since I do not like wearing too much frosted/shimmery eye shadow but regardless of color or texture, it really is all in the application.  I took the advice of one of the reviewers for the product and now the pallette is truly a favorite of mine.  I use it daily and for special occasions. 


I know I am just repeating what everyone else said, but the palettes are definitely worth the money! Smiley Happy I have the original palette and use it every day! With all of the neutral colors you can make so many different natural, yet stunning, looks! Plus the makeup is highly pigmented so a little bit goes a long way! You also get a great full sized eye shadow brush and the small shadow primer - both of which are awesome!  You won't be disappointed by this product!

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They are totally worth the money! I know that $48 and $50 for shadow seem expensive but the Urban Decay shadows are normally what $17 a piece! So if you do all the math (24 x $17) plus the brushes which are normally worth $20+, this is a great deal. These palettes are also great for everyday and will last me a long time! The only repeat color is Half Baked, but it is one of my favorites!

Hope you get them! They are great!Smiley Very Happy


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