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Hi, ladies! Just popping in for a quick hello and to give you a heads-up.


Today, Ulta will feature the UD Naked Palette in their Sunday newspaper insert, so many Ulta stores have stocked up on the palette ahead of time in anticipation of this ad. I know that some of you girls were really hoping to snag one (I remember katie1724 and mermadelove in particular, but I'm sure there were others) so this is for you. I think most locations should have a good amount of them, since it would be silly of them to advertise it if the stores only had one or two each. At least that's my logic. Good luck! Smiley Happy





Yes, the availability was in-store only. Smiley Sad I checked out a couple of Ulta locations today, and some had as few as five while another had as many as twenty. Some stores were using a no-hold, first-come-first-served policy with a limit of one per person, but some weren't following this at all. Because of this, there will probably (hopefully) be some stores that still have a few over the coming days.


I snagged one for myself and another as a gift for my sister, and it's definitely a gorgeous palette. It's not like knock-your-socks-off groundbreaking, but it's extremely wearable and very well-priced in terms of value!


From what I've heard, this was apparently Urban Decay's last shipment to Ulta stores until January. The Sephora stores around me have also reported that the palette won't return till late January.

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I saw that too and that was my logic as well.  I figured it would also be online since they listed the websites product number but I checked and it's not there. 

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