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Just bought the Naked 2 palette!  Any color combination favorites or recommendations?

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Hey, just read your post. I have the Naked2 palette as well, and although I do many combinations, my personal go-to eye look is putting Foxy all over your eyelid from lashline to brow, use a crease brush to put Tease in the crease area using windshield wiping motion back and forth going slightly above crease, use YDK in inner third of eye, use Busted with a small dome shaped brush depositing the color right in the outer V area, slightly blending inwards, and a tiny bit of Blackout just to extend the outer half of the eye for a cat-eye effect. If you need to touch up with the transitional color (Tease), go ahead and put a tiny bit more onto a clean blending brush and apply it to the crease, and again moving slightly upwards to diffuse the color, so it's not harsh and gives a beautiful gradient of color. Use Bootycall to put in inner corner of eyes and under arch of brow.


Just to let you know, Blackout is a very pigmented color, so you can even take an angled eyeshadow brush and in press it into your lashline to make lashes look thicker and to give a slight smokey effect. Depends on how much you use. You can go full-on smokey if you'd like. I hope this wasn't confusing.

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