NAKED PALETTE NEWS! Last time, I swear!

Ulta's website has the palette back in stock. It might be hard to find though so follow these instructions:


- Go to the Ulta site

- Click on "Makeup"

- Go to "Urban Decay Cosmetics"

- Then click on the LAST page


I also believe typing in "Naked" into the search box will find it. GO while it's in stock!!

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You are NOT going to believe this! I was there-- I found it-- it was in my basket. I went back to the home page to select the free gift and add it to my basket. Then I went to check out-- NAKED PALETTE OUT OF STOCK!!! In the ONE minute it took me to go to the home page!!! And this was THREE MINUTES after you posted the news, honeylemon girl!

The Universe is taunting me...........

I guess I'll just keep waiting.....

......and waiting!!!!!

and get it at Sephora!

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Oh nooo, I'm so sorry! Seriously, what is up with that?!
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