NAKED 2 Palette?

I've been hearing rumors about a Naked 2. ANybody have any updates? Not that I should be asking since I'm already waiting for Naked 1 and 24/7 15th anniversary set..........:smileyvery-happy:

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I'm not listening! *sticks fingers in ears and yells* "Lalalalalalala!"


Hello ladies! I'm happy to share with ALL of you that Urban Decay has OFFICIALLY announced on their Facebook fan page (I'd post the link, but it's forbidden to post outside links on BeautyTalk) that WILL have it in stock ANY DAY NOW... so, if you haven't been stalking the site already, you better start now :womanvery-happy:... don't hesitate to buy it when it does come back You'll absolutely fall in LOVE with it!


btw, I've seen some blogs mention the Naked Palette 2, but these weren't reputable sources and definitely are unconfirmed from Urban Decay. However, it'd be genius of them to expand the line to other neutrals other than the bronzes, golds and browns. Also, some people may be getting confusing info from their local Sephoras and SiJCPs. Since UD has been limiting the amount of original Naked Palettes, all locations don't know exact shipping information, so they've been telling their customers lies like the Naked 2 Palette or that the Naked has been discontinued. Actually, my SiJCP had told me that Urban Decay will re-release Naked Palette for Spring and won't sent out to stores till then, this was clearly a lie because they got a shipment (small only 5) in a few days after I called. If you're still searching, Urban Decay is releasing the Naked Palette to,, Full Sephoras, Ultas, and Macys plus, will all have it in stock very soon (anywhere from this week to sometime in February, all locations will vary in availability so call to confirm it's in stock). Don't fret too much, they've stepped up production and are restocking as fast as possible, but definitely don't hesitate to buy it when it is finally being sold again because it is absolutely worth it!

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This is an interesting rumor.  I certainly wouldn't mind a 2nd Naked, but I wonder what they would do?  I mean- how much more awesome could it get?!?!

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I haven't heard anything, but figure there goes my New Year's Resolution of buying less eyeshadow (like I don't have enough!). 


Happy New Year!

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I haven't heard anything about it.  UD sends me e-mails when they have new products or specials and they haven't sent me any info on it.  That doesn't mean it's not going to happen though.


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