My under-eye area always gets caky

Lately I've been trying to hide the dark circles under my eyes but have been having next to no luck. First I moisturize, then I put on foundation primer, and then I put on a liquid coverup but it always ends up looking caky and not smooth, what am I doing wrong? Do I need a special under eye moisturizer to use first? Any tips?? I usually use a cover up brush but sometimes I use my fingers... I'm not sure if that matters or not. 

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I used to have the same problem! I used clinique all about eyes concealer, and but after switching to putting my regular foundation under my eyes instead, it got a little better. I noticed putting a mosturizer on before i put the foundation on also contrbuted to the cakey-ness. Using your finger to apply foundation should make it look more natural. Also, once i used clinue's de-puffing eye roller, thinking it would lessen the need for concealer, and put on concealer about 10 minutes later, it was the worst caked-on look ive ever seen, so definately make sure not to do that!

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