My under-eye area always gets caky

Lately I've been trying to hide the dark circles under my eyes but have been having next to no luck. First I moisturize, then I put on foundation primer, and then I put on a liquid coverup but it always ends up looking caky and not smooth, what am I doing wrong? Do I need a special under eye moisturizer to use first? Any tips?? I usually use a cover up brush but sometimes I use my fingers... I'm not sure if that matters or not. 

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When you say "liquid cover-up," what do you mean? If you're not using a concealer that is formulated specifically for the under eye area, that could be the problem. If you're using one for your face, it could be too dry -- and it will look cakey if this is the case. 


If you are using a concealer specifically for the under eye area, you might benefit from using an eye cream in addition to your moisturizer (just be sure to wait in between applying these and your primer, foundation, etc.).


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hmmm... it doesn't sound like you're doing anything too detrimental... If you're having a problem with cakiness then i think that you just might be one of those people who has to add eye-moisturising as another step in your make-up prep. This of course is not a bad thing because it will ensure that you won't neglect that area of your face! You can get a nice eye cream from the Olay regenerist line or you can try one from clinique or l'oreal.

So your face is washed, you apply your eye moisturizer first, then your face moisturizer, then if you want, your primer and then if you're wearing liquid foundation you put that on first. It is always best to layer on liquid/cream concealer AFTER liquid foundation. if you wear powder foundation you put your concealer on before hand as that will do the job of setting your concealer.

Assuming you use liquid foundation. After you apply your foundation, then your concealaer, you need to go in with an under-eye setting powder. This will help your make-up to not cake-up and will set your concealer.

I recommend the Laura Mercier Secret brightening powder.

it comes in two shades: light/medium and medium/dark. If you need the darker shade check the Laura Mercier website instead.

If you use your fingers remember to press and pat the concealer using your ring finger  lightly into your skin. don't rub it in. I have started using a fluffy blending brush to apply my concealer and I much prefer that method because it really buffs the product in and it doesn't irritate the delicate skin under my eyes. Just make sure it's a fluffy brush that is SOFT. that's very important. You can use the brush to sweep on your setting powder under your eyes as well.


This is what I do so I hope that helps!!


Good Luck!


As far as makeup to cover the circles, a very good concealer that is actually a multi-purpose product and not just a concealer is Make Up For Ever's "Lift Concealer" which is in a liquid form.  It contains an active ingredient with skin-firming properties for the eye area, and vitamins A and E, which regenerate the skin.  It also conceals specific, darker areas (brown spots, blotches, etc.) and can be used as a highlighter on the more prominent parts of the face (cheekbones, forehead, and chin) for added radiance--that's why I call it a multi-purpose product and not just a concealer.  It is designed not to settle into fine lines and it is very lightweight.

You can find it on Sephora's website at:

You may want to consider taking a low-dose antihistamine, too, but be sure to check with your doctor first.  “Allergens" are a major trigger for undereye shadows.  As we age we become more reactive to them.

I hope this helps you.  Smiley Happy

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I used to have the same problem! I used clinique all about eyes concealer, and but after switching to putting my regular foundation under my eyes instead, it got a little better. I noticed putting a mosturizer on before i put the foundation on also contrbuted to the cakey-ness. Using your finger to apply foundation should make it look more natural. Also, once i used clinue's de-puffing eye roller, thinking it would lessen the need for concealer, and put on concealer about 10 minutes later, it was the worst caked-on look ive ever seen, so definately make sure not to do that!

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