My eyes are Aqua, when looking for eyeshadows do I look at those for blue eyes or green ?
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I have had people argue over the color of my eyes because they are Aqua, so what side of the fence do I jump when seeking my best look in eyeshadows?

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last year i learned a trick for ALL shades of blue eyes, from a makeup artist - and I've since then everyone I've passed it on to has loved it.  When you're completely finished with your makeup, dab on a very bright red/pink onto your brow bone area - almost as if your brow bone had a slight sunburn.  Instantly opens your eyes and makes the blue pop.  I use this trick whether I'm doing a really natural look, or a smoky eye.  Everytime people say "your eyes are SO blue!" - - the rest of my eye makeup is pretty neutral...grays, browns, soft black...basic stuff.  I dab a little of the same color onto the apples of my cheeks  I love Nars "Exhibit A" blush - careful, a little goes a long'll have to play with it a couple times to get used to it;  I also love Benefit sheer cream blusher in "Hush" - it's a cream to powder finish...great product.

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