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I'm looking for neutral matte eyeshadows. It could be individual eyeshadow or a pallette...doesn't matter. As long as it's shimmer. 

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I agree with goddess27 that Urban Decay's Naked 2 has some killer matte eyeshadows. the brand also has many individually sold eyeshadows that you can choose from in matte colors. also check out Bobbi Brown's Ultra Nude eye palette


I have to admit, after buying the Naked palette (first one), I've just fallen in love with the Naked color. It is my go to base on top of their primer, and it is a great lid neutralizer. The best thing: absolutely matte. Another color from the palette I enjoy is Buck. A few shades darker, but just as wonderful and very matte also. I would NOT suggest buying the first Naked palette, though, because it does contain a lot of shimmers and glitters. The Naked 2 I've heard has many more matte colors.

Hope this helps!


Too Faced has a beautiful matte palette.  Urban Decay Naked II also contains matte shadows.


Hello Ombre! I definitely <3 MyTooFaced Matte EyeShadow Collection Palette. Most EyeShadow singles are $20.00 approx. and the TooFaced Matte Shadow Collection is $36.00 with 9 Eye Shadows and Instructions. I can't explain how much I <3 Mine! GoodLuck! Let Us know what You purchase and if You like. AngieB.

I agree with the previous posts that Urban Decay has great neutral matte colors, especially in the Naked and Naked2 palettes.


However, I doubt that you want to buy a $50ish palette for two shadows.


The Urban Decay Matte Eyeshadow is a single eyeshadow for $17.


My favorite shade is Naked. It comes in the Naked palette.


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For the best matte shade selection I have to go with Inglot but theBalm sells a nice matte palette on their site.

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I would suggest Make Up For Ever's eyeshadows. They have a nice variety of neutral matte shades and are also highly pigmented!

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