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SOOOOOO I have tried several mascaras and still keep going back to my cheep Cover Girl mascara. I am not satisfied with is though and would love to find a great one that I absolutely love!! I really like lengthening mascara..A little volume is OK, but I mostly want length. I want something that doesn't give me "spider lashes, but that really delivers a nice pop. So not a natural look, but also not a drag queen look either Smiley Happy (nothing against drag queens, I just don't want to look like one lol) Anyways If anyone has any suggestions on a mascara that will do all this without all the fall out, pleaaaasseee let me know!

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Hmm..I love DiorShow, but the main thing it does is volumize (though it lengthens very well too). I think you should try Buxom Lash or Lancome L'Extreme, both are very good at lengthening, while volumizing not as much. In my opinion, the Buxom Lash looks more natural while the Lancome one has more drama. OH, and one thing I learned from Allure magazine was that when shopping for a mascara, pay close attention to the brush because how the brush looks will be how your lashes look also. For example, the Covergirl Lashblash has a spikier seperated brush so your lashes will turn out with a lot of seperation and length and less volume. The DiorShow brush is big and "fluffy" looking so lashes will turn out bigger and very volumized. Hope this helped! Smiley Happy

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This was very good info!!! I never thought of looking at the brush as an example of how my lashes will look; that does make perfect sense though! LOL and now thinking about it, it seems like common sense. Anyways, all you ladies who have been so kind to leave me suggestions and advice might have me convinced to go for a voluminous and lengthening mascara.....Hey it wouldn't hurt to try one, never know till ya do hehe Smiley Happy I think I am going to give the one you use a try, it sounds like a very pretty result! Plus everyone seems to love the Diorshow. Yaaayyyy Thanks a bunch <3
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OK so I just had to add... I just went to order the Diorshow mascara and they had the full size alone for $24 and then I noticed they also have it in the full size including an eyeliner and makeup remover for the same price of only $24. So that's a great deal and a good bonus(no brainer really). I figured I would point this out in case you are nearing the time for a new tube of Diorshow....Because this has a couple of bonuses with it which is always a plus in my book!!! between you ladies and the extras I am sold. Now fingers crossed I still love the deal just as much once I receive the products Smiley Happy
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No problem! That is a great deal..I might have to grab one myself! Hope it works for you!
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Does your Dior Show, smudge; giving you the "raccoon eyes" it does to me! AHHH!!
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Update....So I ordered the Dior Show and it didn't work out for me! I also tried the Benefit Bad Gal lash along with several others, and I LOVE the Benefit Bad Gal Lash the best! It is lengthening with only a little volume and doesn't clump at all. The Dior was a bit too thick for me..........It is a good mascara for somebody who likes a lot of volume though....Oh and it smells good which is a bonus! But I love my Bad Gal Smiley Happy Oh and one more thing lol I also loke the Bad Gal Lash because I can layer it when I do want more volume/length without the clumpiness Smiley Happy So ya I love it all the ways around!
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