Mascara sampler sets?

I remeber seeing a 'lashstash' set last year, which had multiple sample sizes of mascara. Is this an annual thing, and it comes with the holidays, or was that the only time something like that will come out? The perfume and lip sets are still there, in the Sephora favorites brand. Will anything like it come out this year?

Just wondering, because it seemed like a cool set.


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Answered That's it! It's not in stock yet, but I'm betting they're waiting until closer to the holidays. It looks like a great set!
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they should have it for the holidays so pretty soon!  I've gotten one the last couple of years, I love it!  

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They have these sets every year. It says not in stock because it's not out yet, but will be out soon.


Personally I'm waiting for a kit with full size Fresh Sugar untinted treatment. I need it I need it I need it.

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