Mascara keeps on smudging :(


    Hey everyone Smiley Happy


I have a question about mascaras. 

I always have problems with it smudging. 

I have used Sephora brand, Clinique, Lancome, hourglass, and is using bobbi brown. 

not even a few hours after wearing it, my lashes lose mascara to the under eye skin (if this makes sense) - so like dark circles Smiley Sad 


I don't know what to do about it. 

I love the bobbi brown mascara, it gives me amazing lengths, but doesn't last long at all Smiley Sad 


I have asian eyes, have single eyelids. 


please help me 301172_10150846711860203_594476054_n.jpg

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ive noticed that the same mascara used with a different undereye cream and concealer will not smudge!  Maybe test some less emollient products for your under eye area. Smiley Happy


This just happened to me today. I wore the same mascara as yesterday (Stila waterproof) and today it smudged... but yesterday I used a different eyecream and different concealer and no dark smudges under my eyes!

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