Mascara keeps on smudging :(


    Hey everyone Smiley Happy


I have a question about mascaras. 

I always have problems with it smudging. 

I have used Sephora brand, Clinique, Lancome, hourglass, and is using bobbi brown. 

not even a few hours after wearing it, my lashes lose mascara to the under eye skin (if this makes sense) - so like dark circles Smiley Sad 


I don't know what to do about it. 

I love the bobbi brown mascara, it gives me amazing lengths, but doesn't last long at all Smiley Sad 


I have asian eyes, have single eyelids. 


please help me 301172_10150846711860203_594476054_n.jpg

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Do you use waterproof mascaras? They seriously should help. Also, if you use an eyelid primer, like the NARS smudge proof eyeshadow base, that should help. Even if you don't want to use eyeshadow for the day, just swipe some of the base on, and then use a skin toned shadow from lid to brow. That should help keep your mascara from smudging on the lid. Under the lid, make sure you set with powder. LM secret brightening powder is good. My fav waterproof mascara is dior show waterproof for my upper lashes and clinique bottom lash mascara for the bottom. Since i've been doing that I haven't had mascara smudge once.

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Thank you for your suggestions!!
I actually returned my bobbi brown lengthening mascara and bought a Dior iconic overcurl
I was told that compared to lacome, dior specializes in mascara better

I never wore a eye shadow in the fear that since I don't have a double eye lid, my eye will look rather swollen... but I went and bought the NARS smudge proof eye shadow base actually for my upper eyelid ! i am hoping to use them today to see if it works!

for my underlid, where my mascara and eyeliner smudges even more, I was told to use a concealer.. but i don't know how that will help ..
do you not use a base for the underliner? and do you mean finishing powder as in like the MUFE the very feathery powdeR?

Thanks again!
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Yeah dior mascaras are great.

As for the eyeshadow, use a skin toned color. Setting the primer is a pretty important step in my opinion. Just find one that matches the same skin color because then if it does crease, you can't tell that easily. All it does is sets the primer and prevents your mascara from transferring to your upper lid. You could even use a shadow from the drugstore (if you can find one that matches you). I would suggest going to ulta or sephora and swatching colors on your hand to see which one you can't tell is even there. Then find a drugstore alternative if you prefer a drugstore price. Since it is a skin tone color you won't even be able to tell it's there. Just make sure it doesn't have any shimmer.

As for the under eye, I do use my primer a little bit under my eye. I use the NARS for that as well. Then I put on a very thin thin layer of concealer. Then set it with a finishing powder. Finishing powder can be crucial when you are talking about smudging mascara. Some of the oils under your eye can melt down your mascara and that could be why it is transferring. If you're talking about the MUFE HD microfinishing powder, then yes that is similar. But that is a face finishing powder. not an under eye powder. For an under eye setting powder I use the Laura Mercier secret brightening powder and I have also used the bare minerals well rested powder. Just use it on a smalll fluffy brush. Don't use too much product because you can start looking cakey quickly under the eyes with powder.
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