Maltipoo Makeup Looks: Drawing with Eyeliner
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 Hey everyone!  I was playing around with my liquid eyeliner (the Sephora Long Lasting eyeliner in )1 Black, but I believe it has just been discontinued, so a great dupe would be the Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid eyeliners).  I thought that creating a couple designs underneath my bottom lashline would give a cool effect and be pretty unique.  Here are the pictures:



 Photo 764.jpg




Photo 766.jpg




Photo 767.jpg







Rose design:

1. At the very outer corner of your bottom lashline, draw a "v" shape that is tilted about 45 degrees to the left.  The side of the v that is not pointed towards your eye should be slightly rounded. 

2. Put your eyeliner pencil on the tip of the v that is pointed towards your eye and make a circle by continuing the eyeliner down to the other point of the v and then bringing it back to the first point.  Continue this line to make another swirl of a circle inside the first one.  This detail does not have to be perfect, the shape of the rose should be the most important part.

3.  When you are satisfied with the shape of the rose, draw a stem that is parallel to your bottom lashline, but about an inch or two below it.

4. Draw thorns as sharp little lines coming out of the stem, and draw leaves at little ovals.  Make sure not to add too many on the stem, since the rose is the main focus.


Other design:

1. Like you did with the rose design, make another "stem" that is parallel to the bottom lashline but about an inch or two below it.  When you've reached the outer part of the eye, wing out the shape about an inch from the outer eye.

2.  To complete the decoration, add lines that sweep down and towards the outer eye.  Add these lines only underneath the "stem" part, or else the lines will get too close to the eye and the design won't have the same effect.

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That's an awesome, creative look you did with that liquid eyeliner!!!  I have a hard enough time keeping liquid eyeliner straight along my lash line so I don't know what would happen if I tried to draw a design, ha ha.  I may give it a try on a day when I'm not in a hurry.  It's a really cute and very creative look!  Way to go!

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