Maltipoo Makeup Looks: #9 Warm Natural Look
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Hey!  So I decided to post my go to makeup look that I wear probably 4-5 times per week.  It is natural but has rich colors, and is a standard Naked Palette look (I will be purchasing this palette as soon as I finish my Kat Von D palette!).  Because the colors are so neutral, this look would suit brown, blue, green, or really any eye color.  I think this would be classified as a day look, but it can definitely be made more dramatic for nighttime (ex. adding brown eyeliner to the bottom waterline, smudging deep brown shadow under the eyes).  Here we go!


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Products used/How I did it:

1. Benefit Stay Don't Stray Primer

2. Apply a pale cream/eggshell shimmer eyeshadow (I used Kat Von D's Tequila shade) all over the lid concentrating the color in the inner 1/2 of the lid, the inner corners of the eyes, and the browbone.

3. Take a medium brown/bronze shimmer eyeshadow (I used Kat Von D's Baroque shadow) and apply it in the outer 1/2 of the lid and in the crease, concentrating the color in the outer crease.

4. Place a dot of dark matte or shimmer brown shadow (I used Kat Von D's Leather shadow) in the outer crease and put another dot in the outer lid. BLEND!!!! *This look looks really great when you build up the colors so that you can see all three shades of shadow-but at the same time make sure that the colors do not have definite beginnings and ends-you can't over do the blending for this look!

5. Take a brown eyeliner pencil and apply it on the upper lashline, making the line get increasingly thick towards the outer corners.  If you like, you can wing out the eyeliner a little bit by extending it slightly past the outer corners of your eyes.

6. Apply lots of Black or Black-brown mascara.  I used Buxom Lash.

7.  Optional: To really make your eyes pop, take a gold or cream shimmer eyeshadow, powder or cream, (I used the Mac paint pot in Bare Study)  and apply a dot of it in the middle of the lid (where the pale and medium brown/bronze shades meet) and another dot in the inner corners of the eyes.


That's it!  Hope you enjoyed the look-any suggestions, comments, and requests are always welcome.  Thanks guys! Smiley Happy


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As usual, maltipoo, your eyes look beautiful!  I really like this look.  It does indeed look as though it would be very easy to take it from a day to a night look very quickly by adding just a little extra shadow and liner.  I like this one a lot!!!

Keep up the good work! Smiley Happy


Very pretty! You're really good at this!


This one's my favorite!! (so far, at least! Smiley Wink )

Ahh, I love it. I'm going to try it sometime soon... And it'd be great for a day-to-night kinda thing like tenngal said.


Good job as allways Smiley Happy

xoxo, Charlotte




I just had to comment and tell you how beautiful this is. I really like your approach in how you explain your tips and techniques. Great Job! Keep them coming! Kudo's! 



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