Maltipoo Makeup Looks: #16 Back to School
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Hi everyone!  So I got a request to do a natural, back to school look for someone with green eyes.  I decided to do two looks-these looks can both be adjusted easily to make them even more natural or more dramatic.  While these looks are specifically for green eyes, they also work great for brown, and even blue eyes.  I asked my sister if she would let me test these looks on her, since she has hazel eyes (with more green than brown) and I thought it would give you guys a better idea.  Here we go!





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 Photo 634_2.jpg





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How I did it/Products Used:


Left Eye-Gold/Purple Eye:

1. Lorac Eye primer

2. Apply Mac Paint pot in Bare study as a base on the lid only

3. Apply a pale gold powder eyeshadow all over the lid.  You can apply this on the browbone and the inner corners of the eyes as well.

*For a really natural look, you can stop here, just apply mascara and you're done.

4. Take a medium purple eyeshadow (I used Sephora's Caroline's Pride 33 eyeshadow) and apply it in the crease and the outer 1/3 of the lid.  (You may have to go over the gold again in case the purple overtook it a little.)

5.  Apply a brown eyeliner pencil on the upper lashline, but only go 1/2 of the way in.  Make the line increasingly thicker towards the outer corners of your eye.

6.  Apply a black or black-brown mascara.  I used MUFE smoky lash mascara.



Right Eye-Copper/Brown Eye:

1. Lorac Eye primer

2. *Optional* Mac Paint Pot in Bare Study as a base all over the lid only.  (I used the paint pot in addition to an eye primer because my sister's eyelids are oily)  

3.  Apply a light copper shimmer eyeshadow all over the lid. (I used Kat Von D's Downtown eyeshadow, which looks more rosy, but turns out to be more of a reddish light copper)    This shade is perfect for green eyes!

*For a very natural look, just this eyeshadow on the lid and mascara is really nice.

4. Apply a matte medium brown eyeshadow in the crease.

5. Place a cream-colored or gold highlight color on the browbone and the inner corners.

6. Apply a brown eyeliner pencil on the upper lashline, but only go 1/2 of the way in.  Make the line increasingly thicker towards the outer corners of your eye.

7. Apply black or black-brown mascara.



That's it!  I hope you liked these looks!  Thank you so much for the requests lately-I'll definitely have them all answered soon!  Any other comments and requests are always welcome.  Talk to you soon Smiley Happy

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Wow, maltipoo, I really love this look! You're eyes look gorgeous! I think I just might try it for back-to-school!


Thanks, again!




Love it! Smiley Very Happy Itss so hard to find looks thatt look that good and can work for so many eyes! It would even work for mine! (and I have really odd colored eyes. They are : green, brown, a little blue.) Thanks so much! Smiley Wink


One again, it is really beautiful. You have amazing talent, I'm even kind of jealous, hehehe!!!! It's really soft and elegant, love it, love it, love it!!!


Thanks maltipoo for a great look!  I think I'll call it maltipoo's "back to work" look for me- this look is so great (I have hazel eyes like your sister, who looks so elegant in this BTW). Definitely going to use this one tomorrow!!


I love your natural/neutral looks, they are just so useful to me!


This look is really beautiful and I will defenitely be wearing this back to school! Smiley Very Happy 

I would love to see a look done with the Urban Decay 15th anniversary palette, useing the turquiose blue color on the lid for brown eyes. 

Thanks Smiley Happy 


Two more great looks, maltipoo!  These are especially great (as you mentioned) for back to school looks.

Great job! Smiley Happy


Wow, Maltipoo66.

I think this is one of your best.

Her eyes looked sooooo gorgeous!

I have pretty big, dark green eyes. I think they are my best physical feature, and I like to draw attention to them and play them up. THIS is just perfect. You don't see the pairing of gold and purple much-- and now it seems so obvious! Smiley Very Happy Why haven't I tried that yet?

I'm really impressed. Keep it up, I love seeing these when I log on. Smiley Very Happy


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