Maltipoo Makeup Looks: #15 Colorful eyeliner
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Hey!  I got a request for a bright, colorful eyeliner looks, so I decided to use my bright purple eyeliner.  I made two looks today-one more natural pop of color, and the other as a slightly more dramatic look.  Both are very wearable for daytime though.  Here we go!





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Prodcuts used/How I did it:


Base for both looks:

1. Lorac eye primer

2. Apply a peach eyeshadow all over the lid (like Urban Decay Free Love or Blaze eyeshadow).

3. Place a medium brown shimmer eyeshadow (like Urban Decay Smog) in the crease and the outer 1/4 of the lid.

4.  Taking a cream-colored eyeshadow or whichever highlight eyeshadow suits your skintone, apply it to your browbone and inner corners of your eyes.

5. Apply black or black-brown mascara (I used Buxom Lash).



More natural look (flick of color):

5.  Take a purple eyeliner pencil (I used the Hello Kitty Glittercute eyeliner pencil in Grape Soda) and apply it close to your upper lashline.  As the line continues to your outer eye, thicken the line.  Extend the eyeliner past the outer corners of your eyes into a cat eye (a wing).  A good way to figure out which way to make the wing of the eyeliner is to find the outer edge of your bottom waterline, see how it connects to your upper lashline in a diagonal, and continue the eyeliner up and out in that diagonal.


More dramatic look:

5. Take the purple eyeliner pencil and draw a line along your upper lashline.  *Stop 2/3s of the way in because we are going to line the bottom waterline as well, and lining both the upper and lower lashline/waterline actually closes the eye instead of making it bigger. Make the line slightly thicker as it extends toward your outer eye.

6. Line your waterline with the same eyeliner pencil, and also line the outer 1/3 of your bottom lashline.

7. Go over the eyeliner with purple powder eyeshadow, especially underneath your waterline to soften the look.

8. Apply the same purple powder eyeshadow (I used Sephora's Caroline's Pride 33 eyeshadow) in the crease and the outer 1/3 of the lid (where you applied brown eyeshadow earlier).



That's it!  Hope you liked these looks-thanks so much for the request!  More looks are coming soon-any comments and requests are welcome Smiley Happy

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