MUFE or Dior?
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Should I try the MUFE ( make up for ever ) aqua Smokey lash or Dior diorshow waterproof? I love my UD cannonball, but for a more dramatic look ( for any holiday parties, school dances, etc. ) I want a more volumizing option. Which do you think I should try? :smileyhappy: thanks! :smileyhappy: 

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I find Diorshow to be a bit too cakey, honestly.  It's a very dry formula that, in my experience, doesn't build that well.  I'm a fan of MUFE's regular smoky lash; usually I stay away from waterproof formulas because I don't need them that much and they tend to be a bit stiff.  If that's the way you're looking to go, however, I would definitely choose MUFE over Dior.  Another good option could be Too Faced's reformulated Lash Injection. Or, you might try applying a dramatic volumizing formula and then spritzing (with your eyes closed, of course!) UD's All Nighter setting spray on top.  

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I would go with the Diorshow waterproof it's a great wearing mascara and it's going to give you the dramatic look for the night and also the wear time without smudging. Hope this helps!

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Hi!  I would go with the Dior diorshow waterproof.  I've tried the MUFE Smokey lash, and it smudged easily.  Also when I applied a couple layers of the mascara, it would get clumpy and flakey.  I haven't tried the Dior mascara, but I've heard great things about it, so I would go with that.

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I've tried both and really recommend MUFE Aqua Eyes over Diorshow Primer for the most dramatic look. I enjoy the waterproof aspect of the aqua eyes, especially for special occasions.

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