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I love my using my liquid eyeliner above my eyes best but i do the seame thing everytime i go out, i wanted to know of any new or different ideas for using my eyeliner.

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Hey rarareyna!  There are a lot of things you can do.  You can try the winged effect or cat-eye effect.  


This pic shows to go across your whole upper eye and don't just stop when the lashes stop. 

Liquid Liner Across Top Lashline.JPG


One other thing you can try is using the liquid eyeliner to make a thicker line as it goes out.  For example: start by using the liquid liner and start making your normal line.  When you get towards the outer corner of your eye make it much thicker and sweep it out like a cat eye.

So it will just be a normal line and then you will make it thicker as you go out.  You can make it how ever thick you want it.  


Hope this helps! ~terrygirl95 

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