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I love my using my liquid eyeliner above my eyes best but i do the seame thing everytime i go out, i wanted to know of any new or different ideas for using my eyeliner.

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Try winging or flicking the liner out.  You can find plenty of tutorials on YouTube by searching for winged liner, cat eye, kitten flick, etc.    This will take some practice to achieve desired results.  There might be some out of the box ideas that are fun to try as well.


Sephora tutorials:  Party Eyes and Essential Eyeliner are good examples.  Click on either the video or How to icon to see the steps.


Er... I would not finely tightline with a liquid eyeliner unless is is safely formulated to do so.  Otherwise, that sounds quite painful.


Hope that helps. 

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thers this technique called tightlining which i found really cool its a really subtle use of eyeliner what u do is basically line ur lash line not above the lash line like ON the lask line with a very thiiin line of eyeliner. this gives the look of volume and fulness to ur eyelashed without giving away the fact tht its makeup ! for a better explination u can always chek utube

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