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Liquid Eyeliner Face Off: Stila vs. Kat Von D

So I've had my eye on Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner and Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. Has anyone tried both that can compare the two? Which is worth the money?s1221084-main-hero.jpgs1177567-main-hero.jpg

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Hi polanskym, 


I like both liners but had a better grip and steadier hand when I used the Kat Von D. Either is an excellent choice and both have amazing pigment but for me personally I enjoyed the KVD which set a bit better on my lids. 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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I think that the Kat Von D is great. Awesome lines, and isn't chunky or dry. I think it has better staying power too.


the Kat Von D liner is great.  it stays put all day, has a fins brush tip and is easy to use!


Hi Polanskym-

Both are great! In my opinion the KVD brush is a bit more stiffer. I remember when this product first launches, we could not keep it in stock! It kept selling outSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa
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While I have never tried the Stila eyeliner, I chose not to purchase it because of the tip.  I love Kat's brush tip, its an actual brush.  Before using Kat's eyeliner I couldn't handle liquid, I'd constantly mess it up and have it everywhere.  I wear Kat's every day now and am comfortable using it with the amount of control you have.  The brush is soft but stiff enough to hold its shape and give you a really beautiful line.  I've never had an issue with hers as far as denseness of the color and coverage with her liner and it lasts all day and then some.  I went to a concert the other night and my eyeshadow melted away but my liner held true until I took it off with makeup remover.

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