Latisse or other lash serum for eyebrows?
I am looking for a serum to help my eye BROWS grow. I see the store brands, like one by Anastasia, but I'm wondering before I spend and waste $45 if it works for brows. Some say they work for lashes and can work for brows but I want to know if anyone out there has used any of these different serums and have it work or fail? Has anyne used Latisse for brows? Any other prescription serum for brows that you've heard of? Thanks girls!
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I've been using the Anastasia brow serum for about 3 weeks now, and I'm actually kind of surprised that it seems to be working! I read some reviews that some people had to go through 2 tubes of it before they got the results they wanted, but, since I bought it in the No Brows No Problem kit and love the brow pencil that comes in it, it's like getting the brow pencil half off (not counting the brow gel because I personally don't like it and it contains parabens). Also, 2 tubes will be around the same price as one of latisse.

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