Latisse: Before and After
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I've been using Latisse for about one month and I thought you all might be interested in the results.


I have experienced minimal side effects and my lashes have grown significantly!  They were quite short to start with, so they still aren't super impressive.  I plan to keep using it until my lashes are extra long & flirty Smiley Happy


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That product is great and yes very costly! Did you know that the active ingredient is actually medication eye drops used for Glaucoma? Yup that's right! It was a common side effect that people would have.  Thus, latisse was born! If you can find a Optometrist that won't mind writing you a Rx for "Travatan" , it will save you a lot of money. Most these medications are also covered by insurance! I use "Travatan" and have had the same results as Latisse, and the price doesn't hurt my pocket! Bonus!


Much Luv!

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