Is there a major difference between eyeshadow and brow powder? (urban decay good?)

Is there a major difference between eyeshadow and brow powder?I use the urban decay brow box but i feel like its too dark..and i was thinking of using Naked from the Naked palette to fill in my brows. And then adding a gel. Is this a good idea?

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Hi jackkiee,


Using an eyeshadow to fill in your brows is completely acceptable :smileyhappy:. When I dye my hair lighter I tend to use a reddish brown matte shadow that I own to fill in my arches, I know plenty of makeup artists that do this too. I do find that you have to use brow gel sparingly when you use eyeshadows though, otherwise you run the risk of taking off some of the color. 

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Hi jackkiee, 


I agree with Janine, its perfectly acceptable and OK to use an eyeshadow (especially matte ones) to fill in your brows. :smileyhappy: You can definitely use the matte shades in the Naked palette to fill in your brows and follow up with a clear brow gel or brow wax. I like the gels since they tend to remove less of the product you put on. 



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Girl it's perfectly fine!!! Using a matte eyeshadow is EXACTLY the same!!! If you use a shimmery one, I've found it makes the eyebrows look fuller.. But it doesn't look AS au natural as the matte. :smileyhappy:


I have really pale eyebrows and just about can't find a brow powder that matches or isn't too dark, I use shadow all the time. This is especially helpful when I'm travelling as I don't have to pack an extra brow kit, I can just use a good eye shadow. Urban Decay's long lasting formulation is excellent for this. The NAKED palette is just so useful!


Hey jackkiee,


Until I found a brow pencil I liked, I used to always use a regular eyeshadow. Perfectly acceptable, and it serves double duty if you like to wear it on the lids too :smileyhappy:

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