I need a concealer to cover dark circles and blue veins under my eyes.
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I have dark circles hereditary and blue veins onder my eyes. I have tried numerous products with no success. I would prefer to find a concealer that covers,stays and doesn't crease.

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Like the person above, try the amazing cosmetics concealer.  get the to-go sized one before you get the full sized to see if you like it.  A little goes a LOOOOONNNG way with this product.  No joke.  It has be the size of your pupil.  It's THAT good.  


Or, if it also doesn't work and your dark circles are still there, get super-cold water (Ice water is great, and anything that numbs your hand is great, plus do this in the morning when u wake up), and start splashing it on your face, focusing on your eye area.  Since your capillaries don't collect blood when you sleep because of everything slowing down, including the blood destributation, thus making the area have bluish-purple lines on your eyes.  The cold water will bring blood flow, thus the capillaries will have an easier destributation of the coldest water instead of warmer water, because... yeah I forgot.  Keep splashing really really really really really cold water on your face/eye area for at least 20-35 seconds.  Gently pat your face with a wash cloth, and dark circles will vanish.  It's a natural trick that doesn't require product caking up around your eye.


If the concealer isn't enough, get an orange long-lasting cream eyeshadow (maybelline color tattoo in fierce & tangy, or any other true orange cream product that won't smudge like MUFE Aqua Creams, color correcting concealers from NYX, etc) and dab it where the dark circles/areas are on your eye.  Do the dark circles first, because it will make a greater difference.  Dab it on the area, doesn't have to be perfect.  Just make sure it's fully pigmented.  Now, layer your regular skin tone concealer over the orange product.  Orange color corrects dark colors, and brightens the area.  The dark circles shouldn't be existent once you layer the regular concealer and powder over the cream product.


I hope this helps, and I'll link to where I got my info Smiley Happy  They are really cool people and suscribe if you have a channel:





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