I'm allergic to nickel and cobalt - help!

I'm allergic to nickel and cobalt, and they show up in "iron oxides" in all kinds of eye make-up.  Are there any products that don't have iron oxides?

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Hi I just joined the website and found your question - I have EXACTLY the same allergies and have spent years trying to track down iron oxide free eye make-up and I've finally found it!  100% Pure cosmetics are a Los Angeles based company and all their eye make-up is iron oxide free and totally natural. Their website is fantastic and their customer service is really good.I've been allergic to everything else, but this stuff is fine. They have a great selection of colours and the quality of the products is really high - usually when it's chemical-free eye make-up the quality isn't that great. I've just got their mascara and people have asked what brand I'm wearing because it looks great - really lengthening and not clumpy. I've just ordered their gel eyeliner and pencil and some shadow. Good luck - I hope they work for you too!

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