I have almond shaped green eyes, how do I make them POP!?

They very easily look shut when i am smiling for pictures and I really just want to know how I can show off the big green eyes that I do have. I have fair skin and brown hair, and my green eyes have a dash of brown in them

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First of all green eyes really pop with colors that have a red base to them which includes plums, violets, oranges, some golds, taupes etc. Also dark shades of green.

Just an idea for day:

You could take a neutral eyeshadow like MAC's Orb or Brule and apply that all over your lid as a base. Then take an eyeshadow like Mulch and apply that in the outer corner and crease of your eye. Line your upper and lower lashline with a dark brown eye pencil like Urban Decay's Bourbon or any other you like and to help open up your eye line your waterline with a flesh-toned pencil (or white if you prefer) like Tarte's inner rim brightener: http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P278605&categoryId=B70.  Curl your lashes and add Mascara to top and bottom lashes. If I were you I would use a lengthening mascara on the bottom lashes.


For nighttime:

Take MAC's mulch and apply that all over the lid. Then take MAC's Beauty Marked shadow and apply and blend that into the outer third blending it into the crease. Take either Motif or Nylon and apply a touch just on the browbone and inner corner of the eye as a highlight.

 Take either a dark plum eyeliner like Urban Decay's 1999 liner or a black kohl liner like MAC's smoulder and line the waterline and upper lashline. Take Beauty marked and run it under the lower lashline making sure not to go too far into the inner corner (where the highlight is).

Apply your mascara to top and bottol lashes.


Easy look:

Take MAC's eyeshadow in club and place it all over the lid. Take a blending brush and start blending the color into the crease. Take a dark brown or black eyeliner and line your upper lashline and waterline. Take club and apply and blend that under your lower lashline. If you want apply a highlight color like MAC's Vex in the inner corner. Apply Mascara.


I hope this helps!

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First of all we'll talk about your eye shape...Each of the three physical eye shapes—almond, oval, and round—can be beautiful, but if the shape is strongly defined, you can maximize the beauty of your eye with various eye makeup tricks.  For example, although almond eyes are considered a very pleasing shape, a narrow almond can make eyes appear small.  Fortunately, eye makeup can create a design to maximize the beauty of your eyes.  An almond-shaped eye is characterized by an upswept outer corner.  Many women with this eye shape want to increase the depth and intensity of their eyes, so experiment with eyeliner as a bold sweep on the upper lid, neutral colors lining under the eye, and upper and lower liner in various shades.  To help almond eyes appear larger, limit liner to the outer portion of your top lid.  To make almond eyes appear more round, stop liner before the outer corner of your eye, or use a lighter shade or smoky or smudged look in that area.

Now about eyeshadows to flatter your green eyes...
To make your green eyes really pop, wear an eyeshadow that’s the opposite of your eye shade on the color spectrum.  Green-eyed people have a so many eyeshadow colors to choose from such as:

  • browns (especially with chocolate tones)
  • dark greens (especially with copper and gold highlights mixed in)
  • copper
  • gold
  • apricots
  • taupes
  • dark purples
  • plums

If you want a palette of neutral, everyday colors that would flatter your green eyes then I would suggest the Smashbox Softbox Palette.  The palette contains not only 9 shadows, but also 2 creamy liners, an eyelid primer and a good quality double-ended brush.  The enclosed "Get the Look" booklet will help you achieve a variety of looks using Smashbox’s expert techniques.  All products in the palette are paraben-free.  In case you want to know more specifically what is in this palette, here's a list:  
- 9 x 0.04 oz Eye Shadow in Nectar (matte peach), Vanilla (matte warm ivory), Flirt (pink beige shimmer with silver flecks), Lucky Penny (copper shimmer), Sugar (pink shimmer), Stone (matte taupe), Sienna (warm brown with bronze shimmer), Nude (matte soft caramel), Truffle (plum taupe shimmer)
- 2 x 0.05 oz Cream Eye Liner in Bronze (deep bronze), Taupe (silvery taupe)
- 0.02 oz Photo Finish Lid Primer (universal - warm beige)
- Double-Ended Shadow/Liner Brush (very good quality, which is hard to find in most palettes)
You can find this palette here:  http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P284704&categoryId=B70

Another great palette full of the plums and purples that'll make your green eyes pop is the Bobbi Brown Peony & Python Eyeshadow Palette.  It features six easily wearable shades that combine soft pink lilacs that play off cool grays to create many beautiful and distinctive looks.  Along with two professional brushes, the palette also comes in a gorgeous Peony and Python case which you can find here:  http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P284202&categoryId=B70

Hope this helps!
Have a great day!
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